The Importance of Lash Extension Aftercare

Lash extensions are an investment and their upkeep important if you want to maintain your investment. I've included a few tips below to help guide you in your new beauty experience.

 Clean and healthy hybrid lash extensions by Beauty Mark PDX

Clean and healthy hybrid lash extensions by Beauty Mark PDX

1. Clean those lashes!!!

It's incredibly important to cleanse your lashes daily, just like your face. Be gentle but at the same time make sure the water and cleanser actually touches your lashes. You may be confused since your lash tech most likely advised you to avoid water, that water avoidance usually is only for the first 24 hours. My advice is to use an oil free cleanser to avoid breaking down the adhesive causing premature lash extension shed. 

I highly recommend Chrissanthie cleanser which is available HERE on amazon. 

 Lash extensions not cleaned properly-not a Beauty Mark PDX client

Lash extensions not cleaned properly-not a Beauty Mark PDX client

2. Brush your lashes daily.

After cleansing, your lashes can sometimes go a little wonky. Wait until they're dry (use hairdryer on cool setting if needed), and gently brush them into place with a spoolie (disposable mascara wand). Your lash tech should send you home with a spoolie or two after your appointment. 

3. Avoid these 4 things

You'll want to avoid excessive heat and humidity i.e. saunas, bbq's or blasts of heat from the oven, heated lash curlers, and hot air from a blowdryer. Heat and humidity in excess can cause your lashes to shed prematurely or lose their curl. Avoid oils, oils can and will cause the adhesive used during the extension service to break down and your lashes will fall off prematurely. Oils commonly found in facial cleansers and make up such as eyeliner or mascara can affect lash extension retention. Last, but most importantly avoid lash pulling and sleeping on your face. Pulling or twisting your lashes will cause both your natural lashes and lash extensions to fall out. Sleeping on your face will smash your extensions causing them to bend, point in strange directions, or break off. 

I highly recommend this SLEEP MASK for those who wish to protect their lash extensions while sleeping.

4. Irritation & Swelling

If you experience any irritation and/or swelling, see a medical professional as soon as possible. Reactions to adhesive or reaction to poor lash care (build up of dirt and debris) can irritate your eyes. Do not play around with your eye health. Advise your lash tech if you experience any irritation and follow the directions of your healthcare provider. 

Remember health before beauty, we only get one set of eyes.

Camille of Beauty Mark PDX is a licensed esthetician, hairstylist, and nail tech in the state of Oregon. She has a passion for lashes and lash styling. If you're seeking a lash tech that won't compromise health and quality than consider Beauty Mark PDX for your next lash service in Portland Oregon and surrounding areas.