Lash Lift Portland Oregon - PDX

Lash lifts are a great alternative to lash extensions, individual lashes, and strip lashes. A lash lift is this amazing innovation that allows us to take your natural lashes from a downward growth pattern or strait growth position, into an upward and curled position making them more visible. The lash lift treatment creates the illusion of longer length and more defined curl, however the lash lift doesn’t provide added volume and does not extended your natural lash growth.

On average the lash lift will last between 6-8 weeks. No maintenance is required, no fills, no water or oil based product avoidance, just you and your fabulous new lashes. The treatment can be done again after the 6-8 week mark to keep your lashes looking fabulous. I also provide add ons such as lash tinting and facial/lip treatments during the lash lift service.

The treatment takes about an hour and is done in salon. Most of my clients nap or chat through the service. Lets talk about your lash and beauty goals. Book an appointment with Beauty Mark (Camille) here.

You may also call or text 971.404.9088 Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm PST in regards to this and any other services provided by Beauty Mark.

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